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Hey, I'm B (Brittany for long) and I am passionate about making movement accessible for all. I also love space, reading, community, plants, sunshine, climbing and volleyball.

The style of yoga I teach and the movement education I have to offer is based on physical therapy fused with yoga. It focuses on connecting the mind and body while strengthening the deep core. My motivation is to keep people moving- pain free. I want to make you feel capable within your own body and have the confidence to continue moving in it. I have personally gained strength in my body through this method and love giving it to others. 

My certifications include 500 RYT- Yoga certification, 20 hour aerial teacher training, Level 1 Gait Guru, and FRC level certified. I have over 3500 hours of teaching experience. You can find me at my local studio, Yogaja Yoga or work with me in private personal lessons.

Get in touch with me if you’re new to yoga or want to find out more about your movement.

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Functional movements are movements that our bodies naturally want to be doing on a daily basis. The way, for the most part, they were designed to move. It’s the way we bend over to pick something off the floor. It’s the way we walk, run and jump. We want the biomechanics of our body to work in all directions, front to back, left to right.

Too much of one repetitive action, without another action to counteract it, can put unnecessary stress and strain on the body, causing joint/muscle dysfunction. Things like swinging a baseball bat constantly, typing, or more common nowadays, sitting at a desk create these kinds of dysfunctions. Retraining ourselves to use more functional types of movements will utilize the body the way it was meant to and retrain the brain to create better neurological patterns.

Yoga helps tie these exercises and concepts together. Adding breath to movement brings us more into the present moment and really concentrate on the muscles trying to fire. That’s the simplicity of yoga- poses and breathing. But when you add on functional types of movement and proper muscle firing, your workout goes a little further than holding a static pose. It brings out areas to work on in the practice and help strengthen it. That’s where I can help!

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