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Summer Retreat 2024

A mini movement getaway. Ideal for you AND a friend.

Aug 22-25, 2025

Fairlawn, Ohio

Moments away from Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Your home away from home amongst the trees of
Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

Aug 22-25, 2024

Unwind your body and mind. Each day you will open and strengthen a different part of your body. By using physical therapy fused with yoga you will create new movement patterns in your body and mind to help improve everyday simple movements. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, you are guaranteed to learn something new about yourself. Relax, reset and restart by signing up today.



1 Queen Bed= $800

1 Queen Bed shared with a friend= $1400 (split between 2)

1 Twin Bed= $700

Details, Details, Details...

As stated above, this retreat pairs well with a friend. We have less beds than our Lake Michigan Retreat. So if you share a queen bed with a friend, you receive a $100 discount.

This 4-day (Thursday night to Sunday morning) retreat will relax, reset and restart the mind and body.

  • Vegan/ non-vegan meals will be provided for breakfast and dinner, with lunch snacks you can grab on your own time.

  • There will be yoga twice a day, an energetic one in the morning, a more relaxing one in the evening.

  • There will be optional, group day hikes in Cuyahoga National Park.

  • There is relaxing downtime, bring a book or finish a crochet project!

  • Personal excursions are optional and available for an additional expense, should you choose to participate.

  • On certain days, additional workshops will be provided to dive deeper into body specifics that are not covered in class.



1 Queen Bed= $800

1 Queen Bed shared with a friend= $1400 (split between 2)

1 Twin Bed= $700

Bedroom Details are in the registration. You may pick which bedroom you'd like to stay in.

Views of Your Stay

Not Convinced Yet?

See what others have had to say at our past 3 retreats and learn more about Krystal and I!

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