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Take your body on a journey through space

Welcome Space Cadets!

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand your movement. This 4-week, virtual mission series is for anyone who wants to learn how to move their body through space. It is for all levels and will take place online. It will focus on making simple, human Earth movements like putting on pants, reaching an arm into the backseat of a vehicle and squatting to pick something off the floor easier and more efficient. Have you been curious about how gravity and modern day life have been affecting your movement and posture? Looking for better ways to move, but don't know where to start? Want it to be all about space, the number 42 and time travel? Look no further and check out the details below from mission control.


Much like any space cadet, it’s hard to know what you’re getting yourself into when leaving Earth’s atmosphere. It’s the dark, vast unknown. This program is to help you prepare how to move through the space you live in and get to know your habitat, the body. The way you move and any pain doesn’t have to be a question mark. Embark on your journey today by joining a crew. 


First Mercury Crew is launching on:

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Meeting for 4 consecutive Tuesdays. April 6, 13, 20 and 27.

6:00-7:15pm EST

18:00-19:15 Military Time

The first 10 minutes of class will be dedicated to chatting with your fellow comrades and 5 minutes after for any questions you might have.

Does this time not work for you? Suggest a better one.


A 4-week class series on Zoom dedicated to practicing with the same group of people in a space bubble, learning movement patterns that help you move safer in daily life. These classes will be space themed and rich in puns. It is also for all levels and a safe space for beginners based of the principles of LYT Yoga.


You will also receive a replay of each class via email for you to practice the remainder of each week on your own time. In addition, you will receive small sequences from mission control  for you to take your daily movement out of this world. 

Each crew will be limited to 10 people.



Bring a friend and you each get a free 30-minute private (valued at $30). How can a private benefit you?

If bringing a friend, mention their name in the comments section of payment.

Registration Form


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How do I sign up?

- Fill out the registration form above, then send payment via PayPal. If you need to use another form of payment please reach out to me.

What if I can't make all classes?

- No worries! You'll receive a mission log (email) the next day with the class available for a week.

What do I need?

- Zoom, a computer, a yoga mat, optional blocks, and a notebook.

What if I want to gift this to someone/pay it forward?

- Buy it as if it were yours and send me your loved one's email or simply state you're paying it forward.

Mercury Crew

The goals of the Mercury program in 1958 were this: 

  • Place a manned spacecraft in orbital flight around the earth.

  • Investigate man's performance capabilities and his ability to function in the environment of space.

  • Recover the man and the spacecraft safely.

Much like the Mercury Program itself, this crew is all about the beginning of a new era of exploration. This crew will accomplish similar goals to the ones above. When you join this crew you will:

  • Gain control of your movement as you orbit around your mat

  • Investigate your performance capabilities and ability to function in modern day life

  • Move safely not only on your mat, but off the mat too

Join the Mercury Crew today

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