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R Retreat



Relax. Reset. Restart
2023 retreat registration is currently open. Please read instructions carefully for registration and payment.

"Every moment of this retreat was perfect. This was truly an unforgettable experience."    - 2021 retreat participant

Lake Michigan

Oct 19-23, 2023

Holland, MI


Unwind your body and mind in this lakeside retreat where each day you will open and strengthen a different part of your body. By using physical therapy fused with yoga you will create new movement patterns in your body and mind to help correct everyday simple movements. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, you are guaranteed to learn something new about yourself. Relax, reset and restart by signing up today.

Retreat Description
Scenes from Retreat 2021 & 2022

This 4-day lakeside retreat will relax, reset and restart the mind and body. Using physical therapy-based (LYT) yoga, each day your body will form new connections with the mind to help you understand why you move a certain way. Each day will focus on a new part of the body and the movement flows will be for both beginner and advanced students alike. Vegan/ Vegetarian meals will be provided for breakfast and dinner, with lunch snacks you can grab on your own time. Excursions are optional and available for an additional expense, should you choose to participate. On certain days, additional workshops will be provided to dive deeper into body specifics that are not covered in class.

Registration is OPEN

Single accommodations: $800

Shared accommodations: $600/$550


*A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be put down to guarantee your spot.

A bit about us

Brittany- Brittany is a 500 hour RYT certified yoga instructor. She has been teaching yoga for 8 years and has been practicing for 10. Movement is an important part of her life to stay active and keep her joints happy. After finding the profound effect yoga had on her body, she wanted to give the gift to others. She started this retreat to create movement that meets you where you are without judgement. To help you relax, reset and restart whatever reason you might have came for.

Krystal- Krystal is a certified holistic health practitioner who focuses on helping people build strong health foundations. Her current interests include bioenergetics, emotions, stress reduction, and nutritious eating. Her passion for natural health stems from her and her husband's journey to reversing chronic illnesses. It was during this journey that she learned a lot about alternative healing modalities and how simple changes to their lifestyle made big improvements to their overall health and quality of life. Through workshops and private consultations, she hopes she can make this information more accessible to others so everyone can leave understanding that there are so many more options to healing than they realize!



The need to know. And if it's not covered here, reach out.

Why R  ?

Relax, Reset, Restart. The idea generated from the 2021 retreat. Three principles in which the retreat is built upon for the mind and body.

When is the retreat?

Arrive between 6-7pm on Oct 19 to 11am on October 23, 2023. If you need to arrive later on Thursday, that is okay, just let us know!

I'm not a regular yogi/mover, will I be okay?

Yes. The classes I offer will be multi level and accessible for all body types. Each day will cover a different part of the body. There will be yoga 2x a day, but will cover different areas of the body each day and move at different paces.

Can I share my single accommodation room with someone else?

Yes. There is an option for buying it on the event page. I will provide you with a special code for $100 off because you each get an early bird discount. You will each need to register.

Do I need to pay the full amount up front?

No. I discuss payment plans on an individual basis. I know COVID-19 has created hard times and I want this to work for the both of us. Payments should be made each month at the very least. The full amount is due by August 7, 2023.

Something came up and I am unable to attend, what now?
Before June 1: 75% of your total room cost, minus the deposit, will be refundable.
After June 1: 50% of your total room cost, minus the deposit, will be refundable.
After August 7: Your amount is non-refundable, but if you want to find someone to take your spot and send you their money that is an option.

What do the accommodations look like?

We'll be in a lakeside comfy cottage, 15 minutes from Holland, MI. There is a large deck for lake views and if the weather is chillier than usual, yes, there is heat. 


What are the food options?

Our lovely chef, Krystal Destrampe has a lot of yummy meals planned for you. Vegan/ Vegetarian meals will be provided with organic whole foods in mind. We will do what we can to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

What's nearby?

See the area below for links on what to see and do.

What else is being offered?

Each day optional meditations will be offered. On other days workshops will be offered and they are included with your retreat price.



Excursions and Activities

So what's there to do?


and much more, just google it!


Saugatuck Dunes State Park

- Holland State Park

- Grand Haven State Park

- and more!

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